Successful Adoptions

Horses are a proud and hardworking animal, without whom our country could not have been built. Today, they are companion and sport animals who give us enormous enjoyment, love and loyalty.

Unfortunately, a downturn in the economy has placed our horses in a precarious state. Inflated horse prices just a few years ago caused backyard breeders to produce more horses than can be sustained. Domestic horses are being turned free all across BC to fend for themselves, but they no longer have the knowledge to survive in the wild.

Horses that are being abandoned and neglected are in desperate need of help. Rescues and societies, volunteers, supporters and donators are banding together to rehabilitate horses in need, to educate the public about horse care and horse issues, and to find foster placements for horses that need immediate and’or temporary homes.

Horses are costly to feed and care for, and programs are time consuming and also expensive to develop. Help is needed to continue this work, to help those who have given so much for us.

Please support our efforts by volunteering, donating to or sponsoring a rescue horse or in giving yourself the gift of adopting a horse. It is a demanding life when shared with horses, but a rewarding one.

Here are some of our horses that have found their forever home.


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